Mounting Foil Fish Board Bolts

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The 2015/2016 Liquid Force Foil Fish board used a through bolt connection that used T-nuts on the base plate side and a counter sunk M8 bolt on the board size.  This is a different connection from all other hydrofoil board.  This product is a special set of 4 counter sunk stainless M8 bolts with washers and lock nuts that are used to connect the Foil Fish board to All baseplates and hydrofoils outside the 2015/2016 stock Foil Fish.

This means if you get the Liquid Force Interface plate you will need to get this set of bolts to use the Slingshot base plate and Mast on your Foil Fish board.  You DO NOT need these if you are using the Rocket Foil Board or the Happy Pill board from Liquid Force (or any other board for that matter).  

Set of 4x 60mm M8 Bolts
Set of 4x Stainless Washers
Set of 4x M8 Lock Washers

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