Slingshot Flight School Short Mast Set

Regular price $168.00
Get the full meal deal with all three short mast sections in one package to save some money.  We have all of these available individually as well, but this is a one stop shop to get them all.  Masts include no hardware or base plate and will come with just the 3 cut mast sections.  If you need extra hardware or a base plate tell us and we can add it to your order. 


--Industry’s only learn-to-foil mast package
--Start short, increase in length as your skills improve
--Learn faster and safer than with a full-size mast
--Great for shallow-water locations
--Less frustration, more fun.


Foiling Flight School is an exclusive three-mast system that is compatible with Slingshot’s Hoverglide foil. Designed to take the pain, frustration and intimidation out of the learning process, Foiling Flight School allows newcomers to learn the basics with a shorter, more manageable mast and graduate in length as their skills progress. This is by far the best learn-to-foil system in kiteboarding. The concept is simple: You wouldn’t learn your very first kite skills on a full-sized kite, and now you don’t have to learn to foil on a full-sized mast.


+ 15” MAST
+ 24” MAST
+ 30” MAST