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Turn ANY board into a Hydrofoil Board

Turn ANY board into a Hydrofoil Board

FoilMount is an adhesive hydrofoil track system that sticks to any flat board bottom surface. Easily attach your current hydrofoil to ANY board. FoilMount is easily converting surfboard hydrofoils, wake hydrofoils, kite hydrofoils, and windsurf hydrofoils, the options are limitless. The specialized 3M adhesive is incredibly strong and durable in all climates and conditions. The easy-to-install mounts provide over 9” of adjust-ability which will accommodate multiple hydrofoil systems that use the industry standard 90mm track spacing.

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We are all about Hydrofoiling

We are all about Hydrofoiling

We love foiling! It is our passion and is what drives us to constantly make improvements and innovations to what is offered on the open market. If you have an idea or suggestion make sure to Contact Us.

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Simple and Useful Design

  • Easy Installation

    Just prep, peel, stick and press....wait 24hrs to cure and you're ready to hit the water!

  • Adjust-ability

    Once your FoilMount is installed on your board, you can use the integrated track system to adjust your hydrofoil placement forward and aft.

  • Universal Compatability

    The 90mm track system used on the FoilMount is industry standard and will work on any track mount foil. Multiple bolt options are included with the package to help interface with most foil base plates.


How does the FoilMount stick to the bottom of the board?

We use a special 3M adhesive tape specifically designed for polyester and epoxy resin surfaces. This tape was designed specifically for this application and creates a very strong bond when installed properly.

Can you feel the FoilMount plate on the bottom of the board if you are using it without a hydrofoil?

Thanks to the light weight and low profile of the FoilMount, there is minimal drag from it moving through the water. You may be able to "feel" the FoilMount during certain activities but it is minimal.

What if I want to remove my FoilMount?

Removal is possible without damage to the board; it is tricky, however. We suggest you contact us to send your board in to have the FoilMount professionally removed. *Update* We are currently engineering a removal tool that will allow users to remove FoilMount without damage to the board.

How high is the profile of the Foilmount. You mention the other dimensions but I am curious about the depth off the deck of the board.

Total thickness with adhesive tape is about 10mm or 0.4 inch. This is it's maximum height off the board after install.

What is the weight of an installed FoilMount?

FoilMount with T-nuts but no hardware weighs in at about 1.5 lbs.

My concern is about loosing the foil, especially the heavier foils, like the Slingshot Hover Glide. However, I could imagine putting some kind of protection against loosing the foil.

If it makes you feel better you can put a short leash with kite line to from around the mast at the base plate to the rear footstraps or leash hole on your board. The FoilMount will not come off the board, but it is hard to trust it until you actually ride it a bit.

Will the FoilMount break or come off the board under extreme stress?

Everything breaks at some point. The failure under extreme stress is usually the board or the hydrofoil itself, but it takes a lot of stress to make that happen (enough to break your hydrofoil). Because you can use this on so many different boards in so many different situations it is hard to say for sure, but in none of our tests has a properly installed FoilMount come off a board. In many cases, if the board is strong the T-nuts will pull through the slots before the board fails…whereby saving the board. But, we had to exert more force than any of our test boards could take to get the T-nuts to pull. In the cases where the board broke first it floated the foil as the mount doesn't come off. We have never broke a FoilMount unintentionally because the design is very strong and reliable, it takes a lot of effort to actually get one to break.

FoilMount Facts

-Compatible with 90% of boards on the market. The only ones not compatible either have too much bottom shape or are too narrow at the installation site.

-For good hydrofoiling performance and balance the FoilMount should be installed on a rigid board, but we have had customers successfully mount them on inflatable SUPs, boogie boards, kayaks, water inflatables, etc and actually use them to get up on the hydrofoil; albeit shakily.

-The FoilMount is UV resistant for up to 10 years in direct sunlight

-After a good installation the adhesive and FoilMount plate can take more stress than most surf boards, SUP boards, and hydrofoils and will not be the limiting factor for your hydro foiling experience.

-A removal tool is being engineered but for now the FoilMount is a permanent fixture once installed

-Version 2.0 now has T-nut inserts so different T-nuts can be exchanged in and out easily

-Version 2.0 now has a seamless one piece adhesive backing that is even stronger than the original

-Operational temperatures for the adhesive are -31 degrees to 167 degrees Fahrenheit without loss of strength. Heat actually helps the adhesive to cure unlike other glues etc.

-included brass T-nuts are milled not cast for incredible strength over cheaper cast hardware

-Any hydrofoil with a standard base plate attachment (90mm spacing) will work with the FoilMount

-The Standard Mount will work on most installations for SUPs and Surfboards while the Ridge Mount is good for boards with a chine or concave bottom shape.

-Even on a normal 2 layer glass surfboard the FoilMount’s stiff plate combined with its large adhesive area disperse stresses through the board’s surface allowing it easily take the abuse of surf foiling.

-The biggest advantage of the FoilMount is “less glassing and more riding” as you don’t have to install any sort of tuttle box or track system into your board. This means you can put a foil on all of your boards in a single afternoon.

-When using a standard hydrofoil mounting plate the FoilMount gives you about 4.5” of back and forth movement to get the Hydrofoil in the right spot. Its best attribute however is allowing the user to stick it in the right spot in the first place.

-Unlike other plastic tracks (slingshot, Liquid Force, and other molded tracks), the FoilMount is not heated during production and is instead milled from a solid piece. This gives it consistent strength whereas cheaper counterparts need to be boxed in for added strength and still break.