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What Is FoilMount?

FoilMount is an adhesive hydrofoil track system that sticks to any flat board bottom surface. We also produce a number of innovative hydrofoil products like adapters, shims, t-nuts, and the famous Wizardhat hardware. FoilMounts have been installed on thousands of boards around the globe and the best custom board builders are using our hardware and adapters. Easily attach your current hydrofoil to ANY board. FoilMount is easily converting surfboards, wakesurfers, and SUPs into kitefoils, Wingfoils, and surf foil boards. The options are endless.

Compatible with 90% of boards on the market. The only ones not compatible either have too much bottom shape or are too narrow at the installation site.

FoilMount 3.0 Carbon Wizardhat Universal Hardware Set GoFoil and Standard Deep Tuttle Drop-in Plate Adapter Sabfoil/Moses to Slingshot Adapter Plate Hydrofoil Leash

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Simple and Useful Design

Easy Installation

Easy Installation

Just prep, peel, stick and press....wait 24hrs to cure and you're ready to hit the water!

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Once your FoilMount is installed on your board, you can use the integrated track system to adjust your hydrofoil placement forward and aft.

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Universal Compatability

Universal Compatability

The 90mm track system used on the FoilMount is industry standard and will work on any track mount foil. Multiple bolt options are included with the package to help interface with most foil base plates.

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