FoilMount Board Installation

FoilMount Board Installation


FoilMount Installation Guide

Congratulations on your purchase of the FoilMount, a Universal Hydrofoil Track Mounting System!

There are a few considerations to take into account before installing your new FoilMount system:

The FoilMount requires a flat surface to mount.  To check your location, use a straight edge or level on the surface of the area you wish to install the FoilMount.  At a distance of 9.5” side to side and 13.5” front to back there should be no more than a 1mm gap between the straight edge and the board.

The surface should be shiny or otherwise smooth (Epoxy, polyester, or similar). The FoilMount will not stick well to an oxidized or deteriorated surface.

It takes 24-72 hours for the adhesive tape to achieve a 100% bond strength.  You will need to install and wait a full 24 hour period before use.


- Alcohol Pads (included)
- FoilMount with hardware attached (keep hardware in plate during installation)
- Tape Measure or other means of measuring
- Marking tape (painter’s tape, blue tape, etc.)


Step 1: Measurement and Placement Selection

Figure out the best place to attach your FoilMount. Usually this is based off where your feet will be when riding the board.  Measure to your desired location on the bottom of the board and do a dry-fit by centering your FoilMount (do not stick down).  Place a few pieces of tape roughly around the plate location so it will be easy to clean and position the FoilMount after you peel off the adhesive backing. 


Step 2:  Cleaning and Surface Preparation

Preparation is very important for a 100% bond strength.  If the surface is dirty, clean and dry it using soap and water.  Next, use both of the included alcohol pads to prep the surface.  Make sure to prep the whole area.  Once it is prepped, wait a sufficient time for the alcohol to dry (do not apply adhesive with wet alcohol!).


Step 3:  Stick FoilMount to Board

Make sure to keep hardware inside track system!  T-nuts need to be in the slot when the plate is stuck down as in the picture below.  Take the red backing off the adhesive.  Once it is all off, line up the FoilMount and stick it down.  Once the mount is stuck down it cannot be moved so make sure to use the tape we placed in step 1 to help you line it up in the right spot.


Step 4:  Apply Pressure to the FoilMount

Apply pressure to the FoilMount, ideally 15 psi for a few seconds to each area, to eventually cover the entire mount surface.  Our favorite way to do this is by standing on a 2x4” cut into a 3.5” section to make a 3.5” x 3.5” wood square.  The board should be upside down with the FoilMount on top.  You may have to brace the board depending on board shape, etc.  Don’t break anything or hurt yourself!  If you can’t get 15 psi, it isn’t the end of the world, just do what you can.  The adhesive is incredibly strong.  If you cannot step on the mount to apply pressure, you can use your fingers and hands to achieve the same result.  Make sure to get every square inch of the mount. 


Step 5:  Wait For Full Strength Cure

Once the plate is stuck and pressure has been applied, you can rest and let your board and mount relax in an area above 60 degrees Fahrenheit for 24 hours.  You only need to apply pressure for 15 seconds (you do not need to keep pressure on the mount for 24 hours!).  The adhesive will cure on its own with no further work on your part.  In colder temperatures it may take up to 72 hours to get a full cure.


 Enjoy Your New Ride!!

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