FoilMount Hydrofoil Mounting Position Guide

FoilMount Hydrofoil Mounting Position Guide

So where do I stick the FoilMount on my board for my hydrofoil?  This is a question we get a lot.  Because of the adjust-ability of the FoilMount it isn't critical to get the mount in the absolute perfect position, but you do want to get it as close as you can.  We will cover some factors that will affect the positioning of your hydrofoil and get you on the water in no time.  

Below are a few factors to take into consideration before choosing a location for your mount:

1. What sport are you mounting the hydrofoil connection for?  

Different types of riding will require a slightly different placement of the hydrofoil.  

Here are some general guidelines:

-Kiteboarding/Kitesurfing: Your rear foot should be almost directly over the mast base (top of hydrofoil that connects it to the board) while riding on older hydrofoil setups (pre 2016).  This means that positioning the FoilMount with your rear foot placement directly over the center should be about perfect for older foils.  If you are using a larger board (over 5ft) you will want to move the mount farther forward to accommodate the weight of the board.  
"Newer foils and hydrofoil boards are being designed to for the rear foot to be placed slightly in-front of the hydrofoil mount especially on plate mounted foils." -Gunnar Biniasch (photo credit below) 

Gunnar Biniasch In Photo kitesurfing hydrofoil

-Windsurfing: The mounting location will be farther aft than the kitesurfing location because of the added lift of the sail on the front of the board (just a few inches).  Keep in mind that many windsurfing fuselages are extended between 6-8 inches to accommodate the extreme rear position of the fin box.  They use this fin box (deep tuttle box) to mount the hydrofoil with the tuttle mount adapter.  Because this box was not originally designed for this use, it is TOO far back requiring the modified fuselage mentioned above.  If you're using a FoilMount you can put it where it needs to be and will not need to use an extended fuselage.  This will reduce the load and pressure on the hydrofoil and board significantly due to the decrease in leverage.  If you're using a normal length fuselage you will want to mount the center of the FoilMount just a few inches behind where your rear foot will be.  If you have an extended fuselage you will want your placement even farther aft (6-8") as in the picture below (notice he has moved his rear foot forward out of the straps as the straps are too far back).

windsurfer hydrofoil placement on board

-Surf: Surfboards are larger than kiteboards so you will want the mount to be a little further forward than your normal surf stance on the board.  The length of the board will affect how far forward you mount your hydrofoil.  Longer boards will have more weight forward so you will want to move the hydrofoil mount further forward on longer (heavier) boards to even out the weight distribution.  See the complete surf mounting table at the end of this guide.

surf hydrofoil mounting location

2. How heavy are you?  

Your weight will make a difference of where you need to mount the foil.  Lighter riders can get away with a smaller board and having their mount farther aft (not as far forward).  Keep this in mind when you're using the surf guide below. 

3. Bottom rocker of your board

This is a factor because you're mounting to the bottom surface of the board.  "Rocker" is the curve from the tip of the board to the tail of the board.  Generally rocker will get more extreme at the very tip of a board forward and aft, but the middle of the board is fairly flat.  You will want to make sure that the location you choose to stick the FoilMount isn't on an area of rocker that will give your hydrofoil a funny mounting orientation.  

Hydrofoil Placement based on board rocker

Surf Mounting Location Guide

For surfboards and Stand-up Paddle boards the location you want to mount the hydrofoil depends much on the length and weight of the board your mounting on.  The GoFoil website has a great guide for box placement that is spot-on with what we've found for mounting the FoilMount.  There will be slight variations depending on your hydrofoil speed in the water, but because of the adjust-ability of the FoilMount they are a non-issue.  Here is a listing of board size with approximate distance from the back of the board measured from the rear edge of the FoilMount.

 Board Size (length) FoilMount Distance from Rear of the Board
under 5ft  directly under where you rear foot will be on the board (pay attention to board rocker) minimal board weight at this size
5' -5'9" 8" - 12" from rear of board to rear edge of FoilMount
5'10" - 6'6" 10"-15" from rear of board to rear edge of FoilMount
6'7" - 7'4" 16" - 20" from rear of board to rear edge of FoilMount
7'5" - 8'6" 18" - 22" from rear of board to rear edge of FoilMount
8'7" - 9'6" 23" - 28" from rear of board to rear edge of FoilMount
9'7" -10' 25" - 29" from rear of board to rear edge of FoilMount
longer than 10ft Mount around 28-30" and you will be able to accommodate with foot placement on the board. 

Where to measure on the rear of your board

The rear end of surfboards looks different depending if you have a pin-tail, swallow-tail, fish-tail etc.  You always want to measure from the forward most point in the center of the tail when using the above guide, see graphic below for clarification. 

hydrofoil placement on surfboard
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