GoFoil Deep Tuttle Adapter Plate for 4-bolt Plate

GoFoil Deep Tuttle Adapter Plate for 4-bolt Plate

This is a strong and durable adapter plate that has been specifically designed for the GoFoil Deep Tuttle.  Because it has been designed for the GoFoil it doesn't have any extra parts/pieces/cutouts so it is very light (under 1.4lbs) and simple.

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Other adapter plates use a profile that is acceptable with all deep Tuttle boxes including ones not made from composite.  A good fitting composite Tuttle box however needs to be slightly sanded to get a very tight fit into it's box.  So if you're using a competitor's adapter plate on your GoFoil it will be loose, especially if you have already slightly sanded your composite GoFoil Deep Tuttle to fit into a board-installed box.  Our adapter plate was designed with this in mind it is a nice tight fit.  

From the GoFoil page on Tuttle Box installation: "If you cannot get the Tuttle Base into the Tuttle Box, sand the sides of the Tuttle base not the Tuttle box until she fits inside the box. Easiest to do this is with a sander."

The 4-bolt mounting system is superior to any box configuration for many reasons.  Here are a few of them:

1. Adjust-ability forward and aft on mounting location along track
2. load disbursement and mechanical advantage.  Because the plate is a large area it distributes the load induced by the hydrofoil over a larger area mostly as a combination of compression and tension which is easier for board construction to handle...especially on side loading. 
3. Industry standard across 90% of the market.  Even if a board/foil manufacturer makes a foil with a Tuttle-box, K-box, Pro-box, etc they almost all have an option for the standard 4-bolt plate system.

What Customers have said about their GoFoil adapter plates:

-Surf/Foil Retail Shop
"I ordered one of your conversion plates, I love it, great job on this piece! You should include the mounting hardware."

-World Renown Surf Designer and Builder
"It is very good! Significantly lighter then the Manta foil version we have been selling. It fits 2 of three of the GoFoils I have and they are tight all the way around. Like I say, two fit fine, the other would only take a mild sanding. Great fit!"
-Local Ripper
"This is a strong and durable way to convert you GOFOIL into a 4-bolt system. Use your GOFOIL on your kite foil board or with a FoilMount. Why spend over $250 for an adapter when you can get a strong and durable one for half the price."

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