Installation Update #1 Starboard Install

Installation Update #1 Starboard Install

After hundreds of FoilMounts have been sold and installed all over the world on many different surfboards, SUPs, wakeboards, windsurfers, and kiteboards we have seen a variety of surface coatings, paints, and finishes.  Here are a few tips to deal with different surfaces and surface coatings.

To get a good solid bond with the FoilMount you need to have it mounted to the base material of the board you're trying to mount it on.  Most boards have a clear-coat of resin on the outside, which is perfect for bonding and nothing needs to done outside of the normal mounting preparation.  There are; however, some boards that have surface coatings such as paint or other UV resistant coatings.  

Surface coatings are bad for FoilMount installation because you're relying on the adhesion between the surface coating and the actual base material (polyester/epoxy resin) and not the adhesion between the FoilMount and the base material.  The best way to install if you think there may be a surface coating is to lightly sand through the surface coating with a 220 grit sand paper.  Once through the surface coating you will want to repeat the surface prep procedure listed on the install instructions (and outlined below).  Keep in mind that these surface coatings are relatively thin (like a coat of paint) and is the only layer that you need to sand through so don't go too crazy sanding the mounting area.

Installation Preparation (after sanding through surface coating as needed):

  1. Use light mixture of soap and water to clean surface of sanding dust, dirt or debris
  2. Clean using only half of the included alcohol wipes (other half will be used later)
  3. Lightly abrade the surface of the board with included scotch-brite pad
  4. 4. Clean with the remaining included alcohol wipes and let surface dry thoroughly

If you don't know for sure if the board you're installing on has a surface coating of paint or other coating it is best to just sand the surface with some 220 sand paper in the area in which you wish to install the FoilMount just to be certain that you get a good bond between the FoilMount and the base material.  Most Starboard SUPs and surfboards have a UV resistance coating that will need to be sanded through and surface prepped like outlined above to get a good bond. 

Here is what Starboard says on the subject:

"Our boards top coat is only a UV protected coat. We do this as many clear coats will yellow in the sun and don't have the UV protection that our current top coat product offers.  We recommend to lightly sand the paint back before installing, but it seems you are already aware of that." -From Starboard to FoilMount

In terms of UV resistance the FoilMount has a UV resistant additive that gives it 10 years of normal outdoor use without UV damage. 

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