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Wizardhat Universal Hardware Set

Wizardhat Universal Hardware Set

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This hardware set will work with any base plate or 4-bolt tracked board on the market.  This included M8 or M6 base plates and tracks.  There is no more need for T-nuts or different sized bolts the Wizardhat will work on any.  Also, the way the bolt sticks up through the track on top makes it easy to line up with the base plate.

The complete Wizardhat kit comes with a 15mm ratchet wrench, 4 qty Wizardhat hardware sets, a set of 4 qty 30mm extra t-bolts, and a decal.  Choose from the standard length set at 35mm or the short version at 25mm.  The short 25mm version is for very low profile tracks like the FoilMount Carbon 3.0 or some of the F-One Wing boards.  For more options you can buy any length T-bolt you want from 25mm, 30mm, 35mm, and 40mm separately.

We now have FoilDrive specific Hardware sets at 65mm for Slim and 85mm for Max.  The extra 5mm is for the cone nut that goes on the end.  The FoilDrive specific hardware will fit either M8 or M6 setups and replace both pan head and flat head bolt configurations. 

Be careful not to over- tightening with the wrench as you will have a lot more leverage than the screwdrivers you have been using. 


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