Liquid Force to Slingshot Interface Plate

Liquid Force to Slingshot Interface Plate

If you've been shopping for a short mast for your Liquid Force hydrofoil setup then you know how expensive they are. 

Pricing is around $300 for a 60cm Liquid Force Mast and base plate.  As a comparison the Slingshot Flight School setup (including 15", 24", and 30") is only $168.  This means that you can get all three masts with a $79 base plate and the $80 interface plate for $327!  That is 3 masts for almost the same price as one mast with Liquid Force.  You can also get full length masts 35.4 for just $109. 

Liquid Force Interface Plate PIcture

This is how it works
The Liquid Force fuselage uses a hole spacing that is slightly narrower than the Slingshot so you cannot directly attach a Slingshot mast to a Liquid Force mast.  All the interface plate does is allow the two different brands to interface so you can use the inexpensive Slingshot masts with your LF/Cloud 9 setup.

Liquid Force Interface Plate

What is included
The LF Interface Plate consists of one interface plate and 4 flat head M8 bolts that are 45cm long.  There are 4 threaded holes on the Interface plate that give the user 2 options for mounting the LF fuselage. 

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