FoilMount 3.0 Carbon Installation Guide

FoilMount 3.0 Carbon Installation Guide

The new FoilMount 3.0 Carbon is similar in installation to the other versions of FoilMount.  Some of the differences are the bubble channels on the bottom adhesive and flexible edges making it mostly easier to install.  The above video includes directions on using the optional 3M Primer.  This primer should be used if you're installing the FoilMount on a surface made from a not ideal material for adhesion.  In general most custom and production surf and SUP boards are made from materials that the FoilMount adhesive will stick to well.  This includes Inflatable SUPs, but inflatable SUPs are usually too wobbly while up on foil to use.  Here the the table for common board materials.

FoilMount install materials 

foilmount dryfit

Always dry fit before installation.  A dryfit consists of setting the FoilMount on the install location to check contact between mount and board.  The FoilMount needs a flat surface with maximum contact between board and adhesive to work properly so there should be no gap between the two at the install location.

It is better to install in warm/hot conditions as the adhesive will bond to the board surface better, if installing in colder conditions (under 50degrees F) cure time can be as long as 72 hours for full strength.

measuring foilmount
Use masking tape to mark the edges of the FoilMount in the correct location so it is easy to stick down in exactly the correct orientation.  Make sure to measure side to side distance to make sure you have the mount oriented with tracks forward.  For more information on where to install on the board review out online placement guide here:

surface prep foilmount
Prepare Surface

If the surface is dirty wash with light soap and water and rinse thoroughly.  The goal in preparation is to get a good bond between the FoilMount adhesive and the Epoxy or Polyester structure of the board.  Most normal foam surf boards have this structure exposed and are ready for preparation. 

scotchbrite foilmount preparations
Painted Surface or UV Coating
Some boards have painted surfaces or a thin UV coating.  If you think you make have a painted surface use 220-320 grit sand paper in a circular motion to abrade the surface (about 30 seconds to 1 min).  Clean surface with water to remove dust and wipe dry.  It is recommended to use 3M 94 Primer for these surfaces.

Use included green Scotch-brite pad in a circular motion to abrade the surface of the board in the installation area (10-15 seconds).  Use the included alcohol pads to clean the surface of the installation area well making sure to cover the entire FoilMount install area.  Wipe the area dry with a new clean paper towel and wait 5-10min for any excess alcohol to dry. 

foilmount carbon primer 94
If using 3M 94 Primer stick, apply after surface prep.  To apply squeeze stick at the black dot to break the internal capsule so primer solution will flow to brush end of the stick.  Once brush is wet with primer apply in a circular motion throughout the installation area, it can be a thin coating.  There is enough primer in one stick for one FoilMount install.  Allow primer to dry thoroughly. 

foilmount stickdown
Stick Down

Make sure that you still have good markings to use to line up the FoilMount while installing.  Make sure that all T-nuts and hardware have been removed from the FoilMount tracks.  Take the tip of a knife to help you peel up the red adhesive backing from one end of the FoilMount.  DO NOT TOUCH THE ADHESIVE!  Hold the FoilMount by the edges or inner tracks and try to not touch the adhesive with your fingers.  While holding the FoilMount from the top by the tracks with one hand, peal all of the red adhesive backing off.  At a slight angle to the board line up and stick down one end of the FoilMount ensuring that just one edge of the adhesive sticks down and that the rest of the mount is lined up with the alignment marking tape.  Once things are lined up slowly work your way forward from the stuck end applying pressure to stick down the mount a few inches at a time ensuring it doesn’t get misaligned.


Apply Pressure
To get a firm bond it is important to apply pressure between the adhesive and the board.  To do this you can use your hands and thumbs around the flexible edges of the FoilMount.  The best way however, is to secure the board and step on the FoilMount with one foot moving around the ensure all areas get pushed down.  This is just increasing the migration of the adhesive into the surface of the board.

foilmount install wait time
Wait Time

Directly after installation you have about 50% of ultimate strength in the bond with about 90% after 24 hrs.  The bond will get stronger with time as the adhesive migrates into the board surface.  The magic of this special adhesive is it never dries but just gets stronger over time.  Make sure you wait a minimum of 24 hrs after applying pressure for a good solid bond.  If you’re installing in colder conditions the wait time will be longer.  

installed carbon 3.0 FoilMount

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