Slingshot sUPWINDer Adhesive Board Keel

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The sUP WINDer from Slingshot is the first of its kind stick on keel.
It installs in minutes transforming your SUP board into an efficient
wingsurfing board. With the sUP WINDer installed, a wing in your
hands, and a little technique, you can stay upwind and return home
to the same place you launched from. Great for teaching first time
wingsurfers and exploring your local waterways. Using wind-power
you will propel yourself across the water at far higher speeds, while
expending less energy than traditional paddling. If you do decide to
use your board for standard paddling the keel is easily removable, while
the streamlined stick-on fin-box remains attached the bottom of your
board. Jump into the sport of wingsurfing now, using the SUP board
you already own!